Alpha Historian System

Thin client-based historian system which interfaces with your SCADA history database and eliminates the need for duplication. Provides easy access of historical data with personal user profile for each user. No need for special software install on user workstation and seamless connectivity over enterprise network without compromising any security of your control network.

Alpha Historian

  • Interfaces with your current SCADA History data base
    • Eliminates duplicate data
    • Reduces the cost for ownership and maintenance
  • Provides companywide secure web-based Historian data access
    • As data still resides on secure SCADA network
    • User can get access based on Active Directory authentication
  • Users have their custom trend configuration saved under their own profile
    • Gives very easy future access
  • Easy data export to PDF, Excel or CSV formats
  • Zoom, pan capability on trend and user can change trend type to step or line type
  • User can add custom note on Trend before printing to include custom message
  • Capability to change sampling to hourly, daily, weekly and monthly average, minimum maximum to plot and export
  • Simple and very cost effective unlimited points and user access flexible license model
    • License option for SaaS or ownership

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