Preventive Maintenance

our AA4Care SLA includes the promise and assurance of providing full scale end-to-end preventative maintenance. As part of our annual SCADA Review, we exhaustively check all aspects of our client’s system to help them understand of any upgrades and new requirements that would enhance the system benefits and ROI.

  • Log files review and routine maintenance, patch installation, file system cleaning and tuning.
  • Kernel tune up and source-level optimization.
  • Performance analysis and tuning for servers and workstations, data synchronization validation.
  • Preventative maintenance recommendations base on log view and system observation.
  • Network traffic review, security analysis and system hardening, system backups.
  • Comprehensive recommendations for solving technical issues and mitigating risk.
  • Interview staff to identify challenges with the system.
  • Develop list of maintenance items that can be addressed in the short term.
  • Work with clients for any larger items that would need to be addressed through a capital project to help our clients plan for the future.
  • Detailed report of findings and recommendations.
Harness the power of our experience to maintain highest availability of your system
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