Specialized Services, Analysis and Programming

The pipeline industry must comply with Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration regulations (PHMSA). To have safe and compliant operations, we help our client to perform audits and work together to do gap analysis to overcome shortages. We help you to architect data transfers between systems and perform analysis of your data. Our expertise in software development helps you to build customized applications for your need to interface between your different systems to optimize data usage.

  • SCADA System and operational audits.
  • Analyze/modify existing systems/applications to interface with new instrumentation, data acquisition devices, and applications.
  • Custom web application development in ASP.Net, JAVA, PHP.
  • Design/enhance application packages to improve data flow/work process.
  • Development of specialized applications for petroleum/GAS pipelines such as flow path analysis, standalone emergency shutdown software.
  • Development of data interfaces to transfer SCADA data to the corporate network (intranet) or cloud data access for your customers.
  • Specialized networking and hardware consulting, LAN/WAN, VPN, VSAT, Router, Switch, Hub, Terminal Server, Wireless communication and Modem setup/programming and related network design.
  • Windows (2012 and 2016 Server,7, 10), Linux, Unix, VAX/AXP VMS System management and software/hardware support.
  • Facilitate user/customer access to system/application data through Internet web pages and PC data management packages.
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