Many industrial situations require re-construction of scenarios to learn and understand past history accurately. HawkVue has created a 24 X 7 X 365 Digital Screen Recorder (DSR) solution with streaming, recording, archiving, and playback of digital screens using innovative patented technologies. HawkVue gives true Playback capability of your SCADA Screens. HawkVue will improve operations and productivity based on ability to learn from previous mishaps, reduce operational human errors, as a de-briefing tool, a training tool for new operators, provide auditing abilities, and case study analysis. HawkVue solution can be the equivalent of a digital time machine for user system.

HawkVue’s DSR has multi-monitor support with synchronized views, timestamp watermark on each screen, and intelligent tagging mechanism for quick search and review. Unlike other Historian based replay software where real-time data is stored in historian and alarms/events are stored in archival database; then, HMI screens are rendered using either real-time data or archived data, HawkVue’s DSR records actual operator's screens. This can be replayed back on demand. You can see operator screens, actions, and interactions in real-time. HawkVue’s DSR solution reduces time in reconstructing history without any risk to existing system.

First of a kind patented true SCADA system Playback

Playback system which will help reducing Human error and increasing the operation efficiency. Help to prepare training material with real screen video.
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Today’s Industries challenges are,

  • Many industrial accidents happen due to human errors. Sometimes, it is difficult to rebuild exact scenarios to determine the decision process
  • Regulatory compliance for critical applications
  • Security and validation
  • Aging workforce and re-training
  • Usability study and Behavior monitoring
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Accurately documenting system changes

What HawkVue offers,

  • Capture and records screenshots (24x7)
  • Stores and archives screenshots
  • Real-time historical screens playback
  • Streaming support for live play
  • Remote viewing
  • Record system changes live as it happens for documentation or work transfer to another team or member
  • Multi-monitor support with synchronized views
  • Time stamping watermarks
  • Creates small one-hour videos for each monitor that can be archived and sent to vendors, auditors and other third party
  • Uses loss less compression algorithm for archival
  • Intelligent tagging mechanism for quick search and review
  • Multi-user support
  • Notification and monitoring support (email)
  • Mobile clients support
  • Provides administrative configuration function.
  • Provides security by authenticated access via Active Directory
  • Flexible architecture
  • Optional Cloud support for storage
  • API support for 3rd party application integration